Army Staff to Receive Wage Hikes, Bonus Pay


Personnel of the Hungarian Armed Forces and defence employees will receive salary increases and a bonus payment this year in recognition of their achievements, the defence minister said on Friday.


The monthly wage of soldiers has been raised by 10% as of this month and they will receive a bonus of six-month’s pay in February, Tibor Benkő said in a video message posted on the defence ministry’s Facebook page. Hungarian troops serving on international armed peace-keeping missions will this year receive a 10% increase on top of the 15% they got in 2021, the minister said. The wage increases that began in 2019 for defence employees will continue this year, he added. As regards the development of the armed forces, Benkő noted that the number of regular army staff, contracts and voluntary reserves had gone up by 13,000 since 2010. Benkő thanked soldiers for their outstanding efforts in fighting illegal migration and in pandemic defence. “They serve as a model of responsibility for the community, as 99% of them have already taken up a vaccine against Covid,” the minister said.


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