Italy: €1 billion for SMEs and mid-caps from EIB Group and Alba Leasing

Securitisation operation totalling €490 million: €440 million from the EIB and €50 million from the EIF Alba Leasing will add a further €490 million (not financed by the EIB), making a total of €980 million available for the leasing operations of businesses with fewer than 3 000 employees €50 million share (around 10%) covered by Investment Plan for Europe guarantee An additional […]

Turkey is growing more assertive on the world stage but also more isolated, say experts

When violence flared up between Armenia and Azerbaijan last month over the region of Nagorno-Karabakh, the international community swiftly called on both sides to end hostilities — except Turkey. Contrary to France, Russia, the United Nations and the US, Ankara publicly backed one side — Azerbaijan — and offered military support. The hostilities in the […]

Green Transformation Summit: Automotive Regions – Crucial to Success!

Political leaders from the automotive regions (CoRAI) met with the European Commissioner for Budget, Johannes Hahn, members of the European Committee of the Regions’ commission for territorial cohesion (COTER) and automotive industry representatives to discuss the role automotive regions play in achieving a successful green transformation.

Ex-French president Nicolas Sarkozy charged with conspiracy in illegal campaign funding probe

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy claimed on Friday his “innocence is again violated” after new charges were issued against him as part of an investigation into the alleged illegal campaign financing from Libya of his successful 2007 presidential bid.