LMP to Remain Advocate of Green Policies


Opposition LMP will maintain its green agenda and will be its vocal representative in Hungary, Máté Kanász-Nagy, co-leader of the party, said on Monday.


Preliminary results of Sunday’s general election show LMP with five seats secured in Hungary’s next parliament. “It remains to be analysed for what reasons the opposition suffered a defeat and how the country has split into the two camps of a massively pro-opposition Budapest and a pro-government countryside,” the co-leader told an online press conference, suggesting that prime-ministerial candidate Péter Márki-Zay’s “turning our election campaign into an endless monologue” had not helped the united opposition. He said LMP would continue to be a strong advocate of green issues both in parliament and outside the assembly “because we know that the future will either be green or will not exist at all”, Kanász-Nagy said.


He said LMP would “continue to fight for a just, sustainable and liveable country” that young Hungarians would not feel they had to leave, adding that LMP would promote the protection of the natural environment, fight for social security, fight against the negative effects of climate change and against allowing “inflation to eat up wages and pensions”.





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