No Trains Launched Tomorrow in Austria


According to the Austrian Railways (ÖBB), there will be a 24-hour work stoppage on Monday, November 28th. Train services on the entire ÖBB network will be suspended from 00:00 to 24:00 on Monday.

On Sunday evening, traffic changes can be expected in Austria, as well as for EuroNight trains traveling from there. It is recommended that travelers to and from Austria consult the ÖBB and MÁV passenger information platforms and customer services. In their service area, train services will be completely suspended all day on Monday, ÖBB will not organize replacement buses either.

MÁV-START’s international trains between Hungary and Austria and beyond are running according to their original schedule, but only to Hegyeshalom and Szentgotthárd border stations and from there return to Budapest. Vienna suburban trains that run through Hegyeshalom station do not run on Austrian territory, so EuRegio trains only run between Győr and Hegyeshalom. Viennese suburban trains departing from Hegyeshalom will also be left out of the timetable along their entire route.

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