Visitors of Tirpák Festival in Nyíregyháza Can Choose From Almost Fifty Types of Food

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Those who visit the Meeting of People’s Tastes and the 6th Nyíregyháza Pot and Grill Championship at the weekend in Nyíregyháza’s main square can taste almost fifty local food specialties.


Organized for the ninth time, the festival will be free again this year, but unlike usual, the organizers will be waiting for visitors for three days instead of two. The series of programs will return to Kossuth square after last year’s unusual venue, the city’s municipality announced.

On the first Friday of the event presenting the gastronomy and lifestyle of the Tirpáks, the vocational schools of the Nyíregyháza Vocational Training Center will present themselves at the Mini Tirpák Festival Matinee. After the morning performances, the audience will be entertained by a rock show by Szilárd Nagy and Misa Ragány and a concert by Attila Pataky on Friday evening.

On Saturday, Nyíregyháza restaurants and traditional associations will present themselves, and the town’s vocational schools will also be represented. Amateur cooking teams can excel at Sunday’s potluck and grill championship, and the best prizes will be awarded by a professional jury on both days.

Visitors to the festival can choose from almost 50 types of food during the weekend. You can taste the gastronomic specialties of the landscape, including Szabolcs stuffed cabbage, brinza dumplings, goose with rice, Tirpák potato pie or puliszka with fried sausage.

The pastry and chef students of the Sipkay Barna Vocational School in Nyíregyháza prepare 2,022 servings of smoked bacon and toasted cabbage tirpák corn pie for the festival. The fifty students will use sixty kilograms of corn flour, eighty kilograms of bacon and one hundred and twenty kilograms of sauerkraut for the more than two thousand servings of pie. The delicacies will also be available this year with tasting tickets, the price of which will be HUF 400.

The three-day event is accompanied by several cultural and musical programs. On Saturday, LK Beat and Mentha Project will perform, and the main performer of the evening will be Gabi Tóth. On Sunday, in addition to the Nyírség Tirpák Folk Music Ensemble, the Folkfusion Band and the Polip Band will perform, and a cultural program of the city’s civil organizations will be shown. On Saturday and Sunday, the youngest ones are awaited by the Toy Island, including darts with football, a children’s carousel and a bouncy castle.


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