Alec Baldwin Was Told the Weapon They Had Given Him Was Safe


Alec Baldwin thought the weapon the assistant director had given him was safe, even though it was loaded with sharp cartridge.


The actor shot two people on Thursday during the shooting of the western film Rust, one of whom lost her life.

It has turned out that the actor had been told the gun he was using was safe, but actually it wasn’t. The assistant director randomly selected a gun from the three prepared by the gunsmith in advance and handed it to Baldwin as safe. However, the gun was loaded with sharp ammunition. This was reported by the county serrif in his report, which he also sent to the local court.

According to the document, an assistant director handed Baldwin a weapon classified as safe during Thursday’s shooting, which the assistant did not know was loaded with sharp ammunition, Blikk writes. Investigators also seized evidence, including Baldwin’s clothes, weapons and ammunition used in the shooting, and footage taken during the tragedy.


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