Guest House Full of Visitors Caught Fire in Romania: Two Died, Several Others Missing


A guest house full of visitors caught fire on Tuesday in Prahova county in southern Romania, an adult and a child were burned inside, the authorities are still looking for more guests, the county disaster prevention inspectorate (ISU) reported.

According to, the fire started on Tuesday morning in Tohani settlement. The two-story wooden building was quickly engulfed in flames, the residents on the ground floor escaped in time, but the upstairs guests are still being sought. According to the ISU, 22 people stayed in the boarding house, eight of them were declared missing. Virgiliu Nanu, prefect of Prahova County, told Antena 3 news television earlier that the firefighters are looking for five adults and three children. The bodies of an adult and a child were found in the meantime. A 48-year-old woman and a 17-year-old boy suffered minor burns in the fire and were taken to hospital in Ploiesti. The rescue is made more difficult by the fact that the roof of the building collapsed as a result of the fire, and the flames are destroying around a thousand square meters. Tourists and friends of the owner stayed in the guest house.




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