Ron DeSantis Has Left the Republican Presidential Race and is Now Supporting Trump


Ron DeSantis is withdrawing from the race for the Republican presidential nomination and is supporting Donald Trump – the Florida governor announced his decision on social media X on Sunday afternoon local time, just one day before the New Hampshire primary.

According to the politician, he cannot expect his volunteers who work in his campaign to donate their time and financial resources if “there is no clear path to victory”. Regarding Donald Trump, he stated that it is clear to him that the voters participating in the Republican primaries want to give the former president another chance, and he noted that despite his differences with the former president, it is clear that Donald Trump is far superior to the incumbent president, the Democratic party Joe Biden. He also added that he will continue to work in Florida, where they are “setting an example for the country.” Donald Trump responded in a statement thanking Ron DeSantis for his support.

The governor of Florida officially announced his candidacy for the presidency in June last year as the most serious challenger within the party to Donald Trump, but his support has steadily declined. During the pre-election campaign, the two politicians had serious verbal battles and sharply criticized each other. Political analysts who spoke after the announcement of the decision believed that Ron DeSantis’ standing behind Donald Trump could make the former president’s path to the official Republican presidential nomination more straightforward. After the suspension of Ron DeSantis’ campaign, Donald Trump’s only major challenger within the party was left in the person of former South Carolina governor and former UN ambassador Nikki Haley. President Donald Trump nominated Nikki Haley for the post. The US primary race began on January 22nd in the state of Iowa with nomination meetings, in which Donald Trump confidently won. The first polling place primary will be held in New Hampshire on Tuesday. The primary election process ends in the middle of June in the United States, then in the middle of July the Republican Party and in the middle of August the Democratic Party will hold the national nominating convention, at which it becomes final who will be nominated in the November 5th presidential election.

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