Police against prostitution

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Local police takes consistent action against prostitutes who are offering their “services” to pedestrians and drivers in the protected area of Nagyerdo (Pallagi, Kurta and Moricz Zsigmond streets) and the Main road 4 area.

Thanks for the regular police inspections and the close co-operation with the City Court illegal prostitution has significantly declined in these areas.
In 2008 Police officers produced 443 offenders and Municipal Court initiated fast-track procedure against 119 of them and closed the cases with a result of 973 days of confinement and 3 000 000 forints /11 000
Euro/ fine.
In 2009 officers produced 264 offenders, Debrecen Municipal Court initiated fast-track procedure in 66 cases fined the prostitutes 1 100 000 forints and 510 days confinement.

Yesterday the Municipal Court ordered a 20 years old Hajduhadhaz resident to spend 15 days in prison for illegal prostitution. She offered herself for motorists imitating sexual act with her hands in Kassai street around 10pm on 16th of April. Police called her to finish this activity but she did it. Patrols produced her to the police station, arrested herand asked the court for a fast track procedure.

The above numbers illustrates that the illegal prostitution has declined in the city of Debrecen and the Local Police will continue to pay particular attention to prevent the positive trend and maintain the public`s expectation.

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