New Health Center Built in Nyíregyháza

Local News

A new health center was built in Nyíregyháza, near the city center. It will house medical offices and the nurse service.

Seven rooms for use by district doctors and nurses have been set up in the building, which was implemented as part of an EU-funded program worth almost HUF 408 million for the development of basic urban health care.

The Csillag Street health center, built with an investment of more than 236 million forints, was created by assembling two previously unused buildings, insulating and replacing windows, replacing the roof, renewing the electrical and sewage system, and making the building accessible.

In the 100% subsidized project, the complex renovation and transformation of two more institutions has taken place or is underway in Nyíregyháza.

Last year, the medical office on Fenyő Street was renovated and equipped with the necessary equipment from more than 20 million forints, and a new function was provided in the building by a nurse service. A part of the building suitable for day and night health care for the homeless will be built in the House of the Tenants on Tokaji Road, the investment worth HuF 122 million is expected to be completed in February.


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