Several Institutions to Be Closed in Nyíregyháza

Local News

A number of popular cultural and sports institutions will be closed in Nyíregyháza for an indefinite period, according to the ATV News report.

200 students are being kicked out of a dormitory in the city, citing the need to save money. They will have to move to student hostels assigned to them from Sunday next week.

György Babosi, the municipal representative of the Association for Nyíregyháza, said: the theater, the city library, the cultural center and its sub-branches, as well as all the swimming pools will be closed – except for Aquaris, which will probably only be closed from January.

The Nyíregyháza zoo also has serious problems due to skyrocketing prices. Here, they are trying to deal with the situation with mergers, shortened opening hours and wood heating, but closing is out of the question, because the animals have to be taken care of. László Gajdos, the director of the Nyíregyházi Zoo, compared the facility to a hospital. As he said, they have five thousand residents, who must be provided with adequate living conditions. Some species cannot remain without heating either, in their case it would lead to a disaster if the temperature were reduced to 18 degrees. Until now, the zoo’s heating bill was HUF 100 million, but this has now quadrupled, and the previous electricity bill of HUF 200 million is approaching HUF 1 billion after the public procurement procedure has been concluded. In order to save money, several offices and animal shelters are combined.

The price of gas has now fallen below 100 euros on the Dutch stock exchange, which means a price of roughly HUF 400-420 per cubic meter. This is a price drop of more than 45 percent compared to August, when the energy agency set the market price of gas at HUF 747. Moreover, the amount was further increased from the first of October: to HUF 767 per cubic meter.

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