Twice as many soldiers were deployed during the second wave of the epidemic as in the spring


Compared to the spring, about twice as many soldiers are now involved in coronavirus control tasks, an employee of the Department of Defense’s communications department said on Thursday morning’s show of the M1.

Balázs Iványi was asked about the fact that the Hungarian Armed Forces had made a short film about the soldiers’ tasks in a virus situation.

The major said the people of the country can now meet soldiers in many places in various parts of the country. The aim of the film is to show where, in what form, why they can meet the soldiers, what they do there, and how they help fight the epidemic.

Balázs Iványi emphasized that healthcare is now the biggest burden, and their work is also greatly helped by the soldiers. 60 soldiers are participating in the hospital command system, which has been in operation since the spring. In addition, more than 1,100 soldiers in 93 hospitals across the country help with tasks that do not require a medical degree, such as administrative tasks, access control, material handling, logistics tasks.

In addition, in more places and on the streets, in public places, the soldiers help the police to check the observance of the rules taken to protect against the epidemic. In addition, the soldiers are also present in about 22 government buildings and foreign missions.

In response to a question, the major also said several soldiers have been infected with the coronavirus since the outbreak began. None of them are currently in serious condition, he said.

The Hungarian Armed Forces is working with all its capabilities and means to protect the Hungarian people, said Balázs Iványi, who answered a question and said that there is still a reserve in the system, and if necessary, additional soldiers can be involved in the fight against the epidemic.


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