On Blood Donor Day, the most dedicated volunteer helpers are recognized


This year, the National Blood Supply Service and the Hungarian Red Cross present the awards in an unusual way, online.November 27, 1988 was the initiative of the Hungarian Red Cross Blood Donor Day in Hungary. Multiple blood donors have donated blood for several years in the blood donation organization blood donor-friendly workplaces and supporters of the blood donation movement in this case the largest humanitarian organization in Hungary and the National Blood Supply Service in recognition.

Due to the emergency situation related to the coronavirus epidemic, this year’s solemn central award ceremony
will not be held, but the announcement of the awards will of course not be delayed. The organization is on the website of the Hungarian Red Cross, www.voroskereszt.hu/elismeresek It will publish its list of this year’s winners and a brief tribute every hour from 10 a.m. on the 27th. First is the Pro Vita award, followed by the “Blood Donation Movement” Silver Commemorative Medal, the Blood Donor Friendly Workplace Award, and finally, a diploma in recognition of support for blood donation organization was issued in the Blood Donation movement. A certificate of support for the activity will be published.

The two organizations responsible for blood donation to the Ministry of Human Resources jointly submitted the list of the 20 blood donors who receive the most prestigious recognition, the Pro Vita Award. In addition to that, at the suggestion of the National Blood Supply Service, 2 more stem cell donors will receive the award. The Silver Commemorative Medal for the “Blood Donation Movement” was awarded to 19 people this year, last year for outstanding voluntary blood donation work, and representatives of another 19 workplaces received the Blood Tax Friendly Workplace Award. The latter is awarded to companies and organizations who regularly provide space for blood donations at work]and encourage their employees to participate as much as possible in this form of social responsibility. Diplomas are recognized for blood donation support for 3 blood supply health professionals. And another 8 supportive diplomas for those organizations and individuals who contributed to the promotion of the cause of blood donation.

The Hungarian Red Cross and the National Blood Service emphasize that help is also needed during an epidemic. Blood donations are ongoing during the current emergency, maintaining safety standards.

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