Reeds on Fire in a Large Area Between Tiszafüred and Kócsújfalu


The reeds are burning in a large area between Tiszafüred and Kócsújfalu on Meggyes-lapos between Patkós and Kaparó Csárda, on both sides of main road no. 33. Traffic diversions are expected, full road closures are in effect.

At about 8:00 pm., the spread of the fire was prevented near Tiszafüred, in the area next to main road no. 33, where reeds and dry grass are burning in an area of ​​about two hundred hectares – the county disaster management directorate informed the press.

The firefighters from Mezőkövesd, Füzesabony, Karcag, Eger, Püspökladány, Tiszaújváros and Tiszafüred who were alerted to the fire, as well as the municipal firefighters from Heves and Egyek are extinguishing the fire from several sides. The work of the units is also supported by a machine.


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