30,000 people went to the doctor last week because of the flu in Hungary


Thirty thousand people were diagnosed with a flu-like illness last week, according to the reports of doctors participating in the monitoring service – the National Center for Public Health (NKK) announced in its weekly report on Thursday.

In the fourth week of the year, 211,400 people consulted a doctor with symptoms of an acute respiratory infection, 30,000 of them were diagnosed with a flu-like illness, they wrote.

Among the latter, 42.4 percent of patients were children, and 29.2 percent were 15-34 years old. 19.7 percent of the patients belonged to the 35-59 age group, and 8.7 percent were over 60 years old.

Between January 23 and 29, 16 administrative areas increased, three areas (Budapest, Heves and Nógrád counties) did not change, and one area (Vas county) decreased the frequency of people visiting a doctor with flu symptoms compared to the previous week. The most patients were in the counties of Komárom-Esztergom (500), Győr-Moson-Sopron (496) and Békés (457), the fewest in the counties of Vas (100), Pest (173) and Zala (174).

It was also announced that in the 4th week, respiratory samples from 216 patients arrived at the NNK laboratory. Of the 116 samples submitted, 29 were found to have some type of influenza, 13 were found to have coronavirus, and 11 were found to have respiratory giant cell virus (RSV).

Reports of an accumulation of influenza-like illnesses were received last week from three places – Fejér, Komárom-Esztergom and Somogy counties. The virological tests carried out in the affected children’s communities confirmed the presence of influenza A and RSV in one epidemic.

Last week, 269 people were admitted to the hospital due to serious, acute respiratory infections, 37 of them required intensive care.

Of the 269 patients, 51.7 percent were two years old or younger, and 27.6 percent were 60 years old or older. Of the patients who required hospital care, the disease was caused by RSV in 85, SARS-CoV-2 in 39, and influenza virus in 18.

88.2 percent of RSV-positive patients were two years old or younger, and 76.9 percent of those infected with coronavirus were 60 years old or older. 66.7 percent of the flu patients were younger than 15 years old, the announcement reads.



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