The affray of the


The police arrested a 24 years-old handicapped thief in one of the higher educational buildings in Debrecen with the assistance of the security guards.

He repeatedly damaged the students from the 7th of november 2009. The on duty security guard noticed the young man’s suspicious behaviour.
He stole the coat of a student who was sitting on a benchof the corridor. The guard called the police and held back the offender. The thief was undera suspended prison sentencefor a several count of theft in the time of the crime.
He confessed the multiple thefts he committed during the day in different locations of the institution which acts were recorded on CCTV cameras. From the main hall he stole a handbag from the library his prey was a leather bag with mobile phones,cash and personal documents.
He told officers during the interrogation that he moved out from his parents and his monthly income was not enough to sustain himself. It was easy for him to act as a student and steal the values of the students. He was placed into pre-trial custody by the Municipal Court.

Mrs Katalin Juhász-Kiss

Debrecen Police Deparment

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