Serial flat burglary


The Burglary subclass of Criminal Division of Debrecen Police continously analized the cases carried out data collection on several locations and set up a monitoring service in various parts of the city of Debrecen.

Couple of days ago police received a notification from a Csengo street apartement house that somebody wants to break into a ground floor flat.
The investigators of the monitoring squad reached the destination within a couple of minutes and surprised the perpetrators during the burglary.
3 perpetrator were arrested and one managed to escape from police.
The 3 perpetrators have to answer questions about the burglaries of the last couple of days.Maybe the 20 and 40 years old Nyiregyhaza and the 38 years old Cigand residents and their fourth companion will be suspects of another 15 burglaries.

Debrecen Police Press release

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