ATM theft attempt in downtown


At 02:07 am on 30 March 2010 came the announcement to Debrecen Police that some unknown persons tried to steal the ATM from the Unicredit Bank which is located on the Kalvin square next to the Big Church.

The bank security guard was in rest during the incident. He just heard the alarm and saw that a rope which was tied on the ATM.
There was 8,000,000 HUF in the machine during time of the offense
The Police has begun a criminal investigation in order to find the perpetrators. They are analyzing the recordings of the security camera and they are searching for witnesses.
The perpetrators used a white small truck probably.
Since this kind of phenomenon started, all the ATM’s in Hungary has security ink cartridges. So the criminals could not take the money without destroying them.
For such crime 2-8 year prison is the punishment.

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