Car Crash on Main Road 4


Several cars were involved in the traffic accident which happened this morning (2nd September) on main road 4. The road was closed for the duration of the rescue.


According to the available information, a 46-year-old driver was driving a combination of vehicles with a tractor and a connected trailer on the bypass section of Szolnok, in the 93rd kilometer section of the main road No. 4, from Debrecen to Budapest on September 2nd, 2021 at 2:30 am. On the indicated section of the road, the driver collided with another car, kicked it in front of the car in front, and then the force of the collision turned both cars into the opposite lane, where additional vehicles crashed into them.

The technical rescue was carried out by the professional firefighters from Szolnok under the direction of the Disaster Management Operations Service. They checked the site and a man was released from one of the vehicles with a tension cutter and was handed over to the ambulances.

According to the primary medical opinion, the driver of a car slowing down for traffic reasons suffered a life-threatening injury, while one of the drivers and passengers of another vehicle involved in the accident suffered minor injuries.


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