Moldovan People Smuggler Apprehended in Western Hungary


Hungarian police on Wednesday morning apprehended a suspected people smuggler, a Moldovan national, who had fired shots at an Austrian police officer while fleeing a border check earlier this week, the police said on their website.


The 25-year-old man was one of the three passengers travelling in a Hungarian registered car which was stopped in Körmend near the Austrian border, the police said in a statement. Notified by Austrian authorities, Hungary’s Vas County police and counterterrorism (TEK) force launched a manhunt for the suspect on Tuesday morning in the area of Szentpéterfa, near the border, where the man was believed to be hiding after fleeing Austrian border guards. The Moldovan is suspected of attempting to smuggle a group of illegal migrants to Austria. According to Austrian press reports, the Moldovan fired shots at the Austrian police near the Eberau border crossing.


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