Young Football Player of Bélkő SE is the Victim of the Fatal Accident in Bélapátfalva


A nineteen-year-old man from Balaton was the victim of a fatal traffic accident on Friday afternoon near Bélapátfalva. Two of his companions were seriously injured in the accident.


The accident occurred between Bélapátfalva and Mikófalva early Friday afternoon. Mezeiné Kovács, Nikoletta county police press officer, said that the victim was a 19-year-old young man.

According to the available information, the young man who died in the accident and his two seriously injured companions are footballers of Bélkő SE. Tamás Horváth, the team’s coach, confirmed the sad news. He said that the boy who died tragically played for the IFs, but trained with them.

The deceased young man is from Balaton, and his two passengers are from Bélapátfalva. According to Tények TV program, the high school students were on their way home. They wanted to take the boy who died in the accident home to Balaton.


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