Terrifying Accident Occurred on M35 Motorway Near Debrecen


Dozens of cars were damaged on the side of M35 motorway towards Debrecen, after the Prodi rest area, in the section between kilometers 9 and 10, after the lorry in front of them most likely had a flat tire and pieces of the tire were scattered on the road – the National Directorate General of Disaster Prevention reported.

The exploding tire could have damaged the truck, as the car’s different parts were also scattered over a two-kilometer stretch. The first two cars following the truck collided, and the front of another ten vehicles was damaged by the debris on the road.

All but one of the 12 cars involved in the accident were stuck in the stop lane. The professional firefighters from Hajdúnánás and Hajdúböszörmény, who carried out the technical rescue, pulled the immobilized car off the track after inspecting the scene. Traffic has started in the inner lane, but the congestion has been several kilometers long.




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