New church in Tócoskert district


The General Assembly of city of Debrecen decided to give two city-owned properties for 99 years use to the Greek-Catholic Church. The document was signed on the 4th of February by mayor Lajos Kósa and bishop Fülöp Kocsis.

The bishop told on an earlier press conference that Debrecen has the largest (27 000) Greek-Catholic community in Hungary. The historical core church of the parishioners was the Greek-Catholic church in Attila square, but recent years they built another church in Csapókert district. The leaders of the church planning to establish two churches in Józsa and Tócóskert ditrictsin near future.

In Józsa the Greek-Catholic church has already begun the transformation and conversionofa formerly city owned buildingto use as a parish and community space. The church wants to start preparation in Tócóskert area as soon as possible. They think a cost of a new small size church will be around 60 million HUF, and another 40 million needs to spenderecting a parish and the community building.

They want to co-finance the costs together with the believers, local enterpreneurs and state aid. In the corner of Derék street and László Holló walk there is a 2800 square meter parcel for the church, parish and the community buildings. The local government backing the plan because it will serving the spiritual strength and development of the local community showing no denominational differences.