Results of Futsal European Championship


It was a first time that they held the Futsal European Championship in Hungary. After the tournament a number of well-known and highly respectable professionals declared appreciatively about the sites and the organization of the event.

n the 15years history of the Futsal European Championshipnever happened thatthey settled the finals in two cities of a country with participation of 12 teams(earlier 8teams took part). It was a highly successful premiere, we saw high-quality matches in Budapest and in Debrecen with record spectator numbers and a great final match. Thanks to the excellent organization and management has the positive recognition of the highest UEFA leaders.

István Kisteleki the president of the Hungarian Football Association said: "It was a pleasure to hear on Saturday night in Debrecen Michel Platini (pres. of UEFA) and other European Association leaders praising words. It was the first official UEFA event in the history of the Hungarian Football Association and we received an excellent certificate. Our special recognition goes to Márton Esterházy, leader of our futsal committee, Ferenc Ragadics who has done his utmost at home and abroad to ensure successful transaction and to János Kasza who led the organizing work. I am sure that the success of this event will affect the decision-makers,when we will apply to organize rising generations european final in 2012."

Márton Esterházy, Hungarian Futsal Committee: "There’s no denying that was avery good feeling to hear Mr Platini’s and other leaders praising words, without exaggeration I can calmly say that everyone was satisfied with everything. The two halls, the hotels, the logistics, the local organizing committe’s high quality workcontributed to the success of the European Championship. Fortunately there was not a single complaint in the last two weeks. I am sure that the recognition we received will be good for the whole hungarian football, when we will be candidates organizing other major events. The Futsal European Championship is the second most important event on national team’s level."

Ferenc Ragadics, the hungarian member of the UEFA’s Futsal Committee said:

"Both of the preparation of the European Championshipand the implementation of thetournament was very profound. With 3000 spectators a match we toppled the former records. The experts were satisfied with the cities, their halls, the displays and the advertisements. They emphasized the high attendance of those matches -most of the matches- which the hungarian audience could view as neutral. As a summary the UEFA highly valued every part of the championship."